Persona 3: Dancing and Persona 5: Dancing Famitsu Review Score: 32/40

With their help, SEES is able to explore Tartarus further and defeat Greater Shadows that appear every full moon, believing that by killing all twelve of them, they will be able to end the appearance of the Dark Hour. However, SEES learns they have been misled; by destroying the Greater Shadows, they have freed parts of a being called Nyx who will bring about the end of the world if it is fully restored. It is revealed that the Kirijo Corporation was attempting to do this ten years ago, but Nyx was released prematurely in a laboratory accident that also created the Dark Hour and Tartarus. Aigis, a robot designed to fight Nyx, battled the being but was unable to fully defeat it, instead dispersing parts of it into the Greater Shadows, and installing the last part into that of a young boy nearby, revealed to be the Main Character. SEES encounters Ryoji, a teenage boy who tells him he is Death incarnate and that if they do not kill him by December 31, he will unwillingly usher in Nyx and the end of the world. The player is given the option to kill Ryoji at this point; if taken, the game explains that members of SEES lose memories of the last year, and show them leading normal lives until inevitably the end of the world occurs. Though they defeat it, the avatar is able to still call forth Nyx; the moon splits open revealing a strange device that begins to kill people across the Earth. The world returns to normal, though the memories of the past year are lost to the SEES members.

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A torturous Tartarus run causes Makoto to pass out. This is an experimental work I’ll be doing. I will add more one-shots to this, at sporadic dates. I hope you enjoy!

Jan 30,  · The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has new details on Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night. Both games will feature a .

Look at her, she must be a foreigner, freaking hot. Akihiko looks at him annoyed. She looks too robotic” He honestly express his thoughts to him. Without a word he starts running towards the blonde girl, while girls are blushing by his small underwear and practically fangirling over his body. Although how charming and determined he is, deep inside he’s nervous and scared to talk to the girl. He can never find a topic to talk with a girl, except for a girl.

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The Amazing Blue Fox – Stories: On her 17th birthday, rich girl Minako learns that if someone can marry her before she is 18 they will inheriet the Arisato fortune. To combat this, her father has hired four young men to protect her Persona Series – Rated:

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Unlike in Dancing All Night, the titular Guardian Entities have no appearance at all in the entire game. Due to obvious reasons, Koromaru, like in Persona 4: Arena Ultimax , is not playable in the game. He does, however, appear in the music video for “Voice Atlus Tsuchiya Remix. Since some of the S. Everyone Calls Him “Barkeep”:

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Mar 09,  · Atlus began streaming promotional videos for its upcoming Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night games on Friday.

The ability to choose which skills can be inherited by the persona you are fusing. The ability to call for help via Wi-Fi when your party reaches critical status. An option to replay animated cutscenes. The addition of an in-game music player, which Plays music from the SMT series, similar to the jukebox in Catherine. Changes for NPC’s or Fox’s requests, etc. Some voice actors are changed due to avoiding similar voices in Persona Q, but this is only done for the English Dub.

Some even have two options for who will represent that Link, similar to the Strength and Sun social links from Persona 4. Shinjiro is now the Moon Social link for both Protagonists, and will die like in the original Story if he is not maxed out before October 4th. If he is maxed out, however, or if the female Protagonist also dates him, he will instead fall into a Coma that will last the rest of the game, only for him to wake up on the date the Protagonists die.

Both Protagonists can date Aigis, just like in P3P.

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The twenty-eight-year-old Akihiko appears in Persona 3’s anime sequel, Persona – trinity soul -, as a contact of one of the main characters, a police chief. He is seen talking with Ryō on the phone in the beginning of the series.

The group sans Akihiko and Yukari meet up at the dorm for one last night of Sushi. But they are attacked by a strange presence, and you take control of Aigis to face Metis. Just use regular attacks to keep your HP up, and use Medicine when need be. Aigis gets EXP for winning. Athena also metamorphoses into Orpheus. You are still controlling Aigis and you find yourself in the velvet room now. You acquire the Velvet Key from Igor and Elizabeth. Back at the dorm you learn from sister Metis that the Abyss of Time is caused the time to skip and March 31st to repeat itself.

Eventually you gain control of Aigis as commander, and can choose the other three members to join with. Metis fights with an Axe and uses Garu skills. As you choose your party and go down the stairs, you will see a bunch of doors. The main hero enters the Malebolge door. Follow him and enter the Malebolge. Aigis has an upgraded version of Orpheus available for her to use.


Gameplay[ edit ] The Protagonist gains academic skills by studying in the school library. The upper-right area of the screen indicates the current date, time period, and phase of the moon. Persona 3 combines elements of traditional role-playing games and simulation games. The game follows the protagonist character, balancing their daily life of going to school and building relationships with other people with fighting evil beings known as Shadows during the mysterious Dark Hour.

With the exception of scripted events, such as plot progression or special events, the player is free to choose how each day is spent, with most activities causing time to pass on.

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Additionally, the games protagonist can develop Social Links with other characters; each of these characters is also associated with a particular Arcanathe higher level a particular Social Link is, the more of a boost youll get when fusing a Persona of that Arcana. The game also lets players write a short message from a few specific phrases, presumably so they could be easily translated and avoid griefing , which is stored in anyone they aids log. Akihiko fights Shadows with various fist weapons, including gloves.

The former decided to investigate the murders to get some spice in his life, feel special and possibly be regarded as a hero. Talk to him during the Playable Epilogue and he reveals theyve started dating. Hell learn a spell that can boost this particular effect, but its learned so much earlier that the player will likely have shunted it out by then.

This is the effect used for people who have the ability to enter the TV world when they touch the screen. Doing so will improve condition, thereby letting the protagonist fight better in Tartarus, but in exchange the player misses out on the potential Academics boost. He is known among the members of SEES for his “lame jokes” For example, the first joke Ikutsuki pulls is “The early bird catches the bookworm.

The fog serves as a visual metaphor for humanitys lies, clouding the truth so people can live in blissful ignorance. Portable makes it possible to dress her up as a Meido as well. These points are never tackled directly, and are never given any legitimate counterargument. Takeharu Kirijo is a grim looking guy with an eyepatch and clearly makes some people like Junpei uneasy, but hes actually a pretty good guy.

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