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Max Warren is a Jock from Hearst High in High School Story. He is introduced in the Tutorial Quests. Max is the son of the school principal at Hearst High and is the older brother of Mia. He is the main enemy from Hearst High of the school the player creates. When you meet Julian, Max has just Gender: Male.

A sister relationship is so special – they have their ups and downs but it’s a forever friendship and they will always be there for one another through thick and thin. Lauren – Bridesmaid Lauren and Thea had crossed paths throughout high school but didn’t become best of friends until they worked together at the same school, where they were 3rd grade teachers at the time. Their friendship grew when Katie began dating Thea’s high school friend, Eli who is also Nick’s friend and groomsman Nelly – Bridesmaid Nelly and Thea met in one of their education classes in college.

They ended up sitting next to each other on the very first day and Nelly being so friendly, sparked up a conversation with Thea – and here they are today! Jessica – Bridesmaid Jessica is another one of Thea’s education classmates. Their friendship blossomed when they realized they both had studied abroad in Italy and could not stop talking about their trips with one another. To this day, they both enjoy each other’s company paired with a delicious glass of Italian wine.

Christine – Bridesmaid Christine is the groom’s sister, and Thea’s soon to be sister in law. They have already experienced a few of life’s milestones together but cannot wait to see what the future holds and celebrate even more! Thanks, we’ve received your.


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High School Story is an Android and iPhone game which allows the player to build a high school to attend. It’s developed by Pixelberry, the creators of Surviving High School (with which it also shares a universe and several characters).

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High School Story

This game is very fun to play and make the player become the center of attention of the school: The job for the player is also very simple. There are many ways which the player can do to make that happen, such as organizing parties, promoting the school so that many students apply for your school, and holding sport events.

High School Story is a brand new half hour Wiki Channel Original animated comedy series coming to Wiki Channel in High School Story is based the game of the same name created by Pixelberry Studios, available on iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Androids.

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High School Story is an Android and iPhone game which allows the player to build a high school to attend. It’s developed by Pixelberry, the creators of Surviving High School with which it also shares a universe and several characters. The player creates a student and then helps direct the development of the school by building classrooms, purchasing books, and admitting more students.

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He is introduced in the Tutorial Quests. He is the main enemy from Hearst High of the school the player creates. When you meet Julian , Max has just joined the Hearst High football team and is the reason Julian is benched and subsequently transfers to the player’s school in search of a team who will value him just as much as he values football itself. He is shown to be dating Kara , until she breaks up with him in the quest The Victory Banquet.

Shortly after, he starts dating Lacey. Appearance Max has blonde hair in a short tousled hairstyle, blue eyes and olive skin tone. He wears the Level 1 Jock outfit with color variation; orange, white and green to represent Hearst High. His softer side is also shown in his date quests as he was willing to do anything to gain the MC’s approval and the look on his face when he was speaking about his childhood. This also gave some insight into why he is the way he is, most likely because his father, much like Julian’s, is constantly pressuring him to be the best.

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July 10, Tony Rock Be the first to know. No one covers what is happening in our community better than we do.

Play HIGH SCHOOL STORY and create the school of your dreams, filled with all your friends. Throw parties, go on dates, and recruit jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, and MANY MORE classmates to unlock their stories! Plan a surprise birthday party, star in a fashion show, go on a wild spring break beach trip, and discover hundreds of other adventures!

AU “I know he’s gone. You don’t have to remind me. Will she and Lola be able to handle it? First there’s his issues in school due his involvement with the Candy Bandits Gang, then there’s his issues at home due to his parent’s concessive drinking, along with obvious signs of physical abuse. Stressed out and frustrated with no one to turn to for help, Sean soon reaches his boiling point which produces unwanted consequences.

Mola’s unexpected journey to parenthood Rated: She’s So Mean Invincible rewrite by ralynsevenfoldd reviews “I just wanted to help someone instead of hurt them T – English – Romance – Chapters: It chronicles the Degrassi 9th — 12th-grade teenagers and follows their lives as they deal with the typical issues and challenges of teenage life, such as sexuality, social status, redemption, relationships, parental pressure, and drugs.

This season depicts the school year. Hope learns some information she could have done without knowing.

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