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Over 6 million The basics: Blond-haired, blue-eyed Californian with a sad past abusive father, bullying victim will pretty much do anything for a laugh. Colorful characters, outrageous songs, edgy videos, and funny first-person vlogs make this ubiquitous YouTuber he frequently appears on others’ YouTube channels known for fearless comedy a big hit with teens. Dawson clearly has ambition beyond YouTube, and his racy-looking feature-length movie Not Cool is releasing online in September Language he recorded a song called “F–k Up” and drug and sex references are staples of his work. Though he likes to be outrageous, he also raises money for anti-cyberbullying efforts. Over 5 million The basics:


Although neither of them have ever confirmed anything, fans of the Dolan Twins are probably very familiar with model Meredith. However, fans also believe they might have already broken up a few months ago. Read on to see why. Model Meredith Mickelson poses for Bryant.

So, the Linkster population – estimated to make up 18 per cent of the world’s population – grew up with social media, smart phones and apps.

It has a subscriber count of over , In , he transitioned onto his current channel, Stampylonghead , however he reused it again in for his new vlogs and the newly-released Let’s Talk videos. Contents [ show ] History The channel was named after “stampylonghead”, a character he created in one of his projects. He did not had an idea why he named it to “stampylongnose” instead.

The “stampylonghead” name was later used as the name of his then-side channel. This channel showcased the earliest of his videos. Having been created in , personal university projects were posted as well as short vlogs and film. Having noticed a growing amount of children watching these videos, he slowly grew out of the habit of swearing and cursing.

Since his main channel stampylongnose included swearing and cursing, he gradually transitioned to the newer, cleaner channel, where has stayed ever since. In , Stampy announced that his series on the MagicAnimalClub , Let’s Talk , will be moved to the channel, making it the first series since to be released on the channel. Prior to the update, he deleted almost all of his inappropriate content and replaced them with playlists of MagicAnimalClub videos.

Some of them still remain videos made from and were all unlisted, which means they can be seen in their respective playlists. Before the changes, Stampy’s old videos were still online, but all of them were unlisted, which was intended by Stampy himself, to prevent children from watching them. He also released his vlogs in the channel as well.

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On the other hand, there are various professions which are truly appreciated by the people. Consider the example of teaching which is a profession in which you educate and teach the illiterate people and make them able to stand in the rushing challenges of the world. Teaching is a very respectable job that leads you to earn a lot of money slowly and steadily.

There are various examples of those teachers who started their career as simple or ordinary teacher but soon they become the richest teachers in their society and people really become surprised.

CrianaGaming 3, Criana has a lot of videos on her channel. The Old Republic Jedi Knight. Cuddleofdeath 76, Kristen is most known for playing Pokemon and Nintendo-related games on her channel. The Old Republic and Pokemon Ruby. Bloodlines, Sentinels of the Multiverse, some nostalgia with the original Super Mario Bros series, and indie games to which she links in the video descriptions. Also of note is the series “Pug Plays” in which Cyborcat 7, Dena Natali does let’s plays among many other things related to video-games.

Her let’s plays include Resident Evil, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Silent Hill 2.

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Of course, Kenya has become the best land for the production of coffee and the most flavorsome coffee is found on the lands of Ethiopia. The coffee produced on this land turns up into a complex yet light flavored coffee which is very rich in terms of its taste. The Kenya AA Coffee has become one of the most premium coffees of the world. This coffee is grown at more than 6, feet above the level of the sea on the highest plateaus of Kenya. The beans of this coffee exhibit a full appearance and is very strong in terms of the taste.

When he was 4 years old, he and his mother moved to Santa Barbara. He attended Santa Barbara High School beginning in 9th grade. Maron then went to the University of California, Santa Barbara as a chemical engineering major. He decided to switch his major to computer science midway through his freshman year based on his interest in video games.

After the first quarter of his sophomore year, he decided to drop out. In December , he made YouTube his full-time job. He was chosen by the Ford Motor Company as one of the select few individuals to purchase a Ford GT , after making several comments in videos in that Ford was setting up a selection process, noting it would be very unlikely that he would be chosen. Career Jordan owns 8 YouTube channels in total.

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Cancer About Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach born June 28 more prominently known by his YouTube channel handle Markiplier, born in Hawaii, Honolulu 29 years old is a American actor voice actor comedian internet personality and video game commentator. As of April 29 his channel has over subscribers over total views and is the rd most subscribed channel on YouTube.

When is Markiplier’s birthday?

Porcaro didn’t write the song – it was written by Toto leader David Paich, who was always looking for good ideas for lyrics. In our interview with Paich , he explained: He had just met her and was looking to title a song with her name, and it just fit perfectly for that song right there. So it’s got her name on it, but it’s really about another high school sweetheart, which is how songs happen sometimes. It would not be the last time Arquette dated a musician: This song caused some justifiable confusion, as it was written by David Paich, inspired by Steve Porcaro’s girlfriend, yet sung by lead singer Bobby Kimball.


Rosanna Pansino is You Tuber personality, baker, and author. She has a sister her name is Molly. Her grandmother had a passion for baking that Pacino inherited. She has started many videos on YouTube to become comfortable on camera.

By Saba Hamedy This is the second year the year-old YouTuber has topped the list. He also launched a sock line. Looking for gift to someone you like? Figures are based on Nielsen data, IMDB, interviews with agents, managers, lawyers, industry insiders and the stars. Overall, YouTubers got paid more this year than in Atwood — who has over 10 million subscribers to his channel — has seen his income grow 70 percent since last year. He is working on a book called Will Work for Smiles.

Yousef Erakat and Roman Atwood.

The Highest Earning Stars On YouTube Make A LOT Of Money

Shares Long Story Short The highest paid YouTube stars of have so much money, they don’t know what to do with it. With that said, you’ll never make as much as them in your lifetime and you’ve probably never heard of any of them, either. Long Story The Internet Age has gifted many creative souls with income generated from such things as instagram modelling , promoting for numerous types of brands and agencies, and even becoming a YouTube sensation with umpteen amounts of subscribers.

Some YouTube channel managers are making more than doctors , sports superstars, and even the President of the United States. For example, someone who narrates and reviews video games in a unique fashion is making more than LeBron James or Sidney Crosby. For every YouTube star out there, there is an editor somewhere working 70 hours a week and can only afford to live on Burger King until his income tax money comes in, or a social media manager that still illegally downloads because they can’t afford the Netflix account.

Kimmel subsequently reacted to negatives comments on two occasions on the show. Kimmel later invited Fischbach and fellow YouTuber MissesMae to the show to help him understand the trend as well as react to more negative comments and watch him play Rocket League. The couple reportedly started dating in late according to Earn the Necklace but they made their first public appearance together during Vidcon and Nelson shortly afterwards confirmed the relationship.

Nelson has her own YouTube channel where she posts vlog-style videos. She created the channel in February 24, and currently has over 65, subscribers and over , views. She also has her own website opening in summer Fischbach said in a post on Facebook that Jess and him were together for a big part of his YouTube career. However they decided to break up while still being friends. Markiplier Hospitalized In March , Fischbach was hospitalized to remove a small bowel obstruction, or a blockage in his intestines, which formed from scar tissue from surgeries before his YouTube career.

The operation was a success and he made a swift recovery. In an update video he took time to thank all of his fans for the condolences and well wishes that he read while recovering. Later that year, he was hospitalized after a transient ischemic attack TIA , or a temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain according to the American Heart Association, while visiting his family and drinking a little bit every night.

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Cancer About Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach born June 28 more prominently known by his YouTube channel handle Markiplier, born in Hawaii, Honolulu 29 years old is a American actor voice actor comedian internet personality and video game commentator. As of April 29 his channel has over subscribers over total views and is the rd most subscribed channel on YouTube. When is Markiplier’s birthday? Markiplier was born on the 28th of June , which was a Wednesday.

Markiplier will be turning 30 in only days from today.

Pansino started working to earn money when she was 12 and sometimes had more than two jobs at a time. She worked a babysitter, a dog walker, a waitress, a barista; she was even an English teacher in China. Rosy played Sandy in a high school version of the musical Grease. As a student Rosanna spent a semester in China where she worked as an English teacher using her previously acquired basic Chinese language skills.

While she was still looking for her true calling, Pansino thought about becoming a nurse, or an FBI agent, or a television journalist. Rosy suffers from dyslexia a disorder that gives people trouble with reading and it made her decide against purusing a journalistic career. She also was very shy and insecure about her height, but acting classes she took soon made it all better giving Rosanna the confidence she needed. Rosanna Pansino was inspired to start cooking by her grandmother.

She even shoots in her own kitchen making Nerdy Nummies as personal as it can get. She signed a contract with Kin Community, a top multi-channel network for women YouTubers.