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Now I feel like an idiot for even asking haha. Not sure how long you have been in the hobby but the advice below was posted by MJ a few months ago. It really is some good advice and well worth reposting now and again for the new guys. MJ, sorry for stealing your post but it’s great info. Tips on the Hobby. First of all let me say that I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. But with the number of scam artists drug addicts providers that have aggressive pimps or handlers who are on Backpage or other sites I thought it would be good to post some information for people who might be new to the Hobby or who are considering taking it up so here goes. Do your research read this forum and others like it carefully. If you can’t find information on your own post a request in the Forum or pm Senior members for advice maybe they have seen this person and can give you some insight. When you decide to see a provider do a drive-thru of her location look things over if things look sketchy or they’re thugs or derelicts hanging out in the parking lot then drive on forget it.

More than 133,000 vets may qualify for this tax refund windfall

About this book Environmental forensics is emerging and evolving into a recognized scientific discipline with numerous applications, especially regarding chlorinated solvents. This unique book provides the reader with a concise compilation of information regarding the use of environmental forensic techniques for age dating and identification of the source of a chlorinated solvent release.

Concentrating on the five commonly encountered chlorinated solvents perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene, methyl chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and CFC , forensic opportunities applicable to each are presented including the use of stabilizers, manufacturing impurities, surrogate chemicals and physical measurements and degradation products as diagnostic indicators. Detailed historical chronology of the applications of the solvents and specific chapters devoted to dry cleaning and vapor degreasing equipment are included as are generic forensic approaches.

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Search for a fallen Law Enforcement Hero. Dedicated on October 15, , the Memorial honors federal, state and local law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and protection of our nation and its people. The Memorial features two curving, foot-long blue-gray marble walls. Carved on these walls are the names of more than 21, officers who have been killed in the line of duty throughout U.

The Memorial grounds boast plush carpets of grass, nearly 60, plants and trees. Each April, more than 10, daffodils bloom at the site, providing a burst of color for visitors. Each of the pathway entrances is adorned with a powerful statuary grouping of an adult lion protecting its cubs. Sculpted by Raymond Kaskey, the bronze statues symbolize the protective role of law enforcement officers and convey the strength, courage and valor that are hallmarks of those who serve and protect.

A number of commemorative ceremonies are held at the Memorial each year, and the site is visited by nearly a quarter million people annually. Under each of the Memorial’s four lion statues are inspiring quotes capturing the spirit of the heroic men and women who are honored here.

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Newcastle United continue to be linked with January moves for Liverpool and Chelsea players – and this is not merely a coincidence. Rafa Benitez managed both the Reds and the Blues earlier in his career, and the Spaniard remains highly thought of at both clubs. Are Newcastle really interested in these players they keep being linked to? And could any of them arrive on Tyneside next month? Chelsea Michy Batshuayi Image: Getty Images AsiaPac It should come as no surprise to Newcastle fans that Benitez has repeatedly looked to former club Chelsea in order to bolster his squad.

Catholic Family Center is the largest provider of family services in Rochester, NY, addressing issues of need across all stages of life, from adoption and services that strengthen families to helping people break free of addiction and overcoming barriers to independence. We collaborate with partners to offer hope to all regardless of their religion.

Director Biography Award-winning director Warren P. Sonoda is one of the nation’s busiest, in-demand and versatile feature filmmakers having just completed his tenth feature film in nine years. He is also considered one of Canada’s most accomplished and prolific music video directors with over music videos directed and more than edited. The Program, which went on to be nominated for a Gemini Award. As with 5ive Girls, Warren pulled triple-duty as the writer, director and editor of this fast-paced action pic, with the Toronto Star declaring it was, “a cut above its competition His video-game inspired episode, Fisting Fantasy, was embraced by Todd’s voracious, twisted-metal fan base.

In , Warren completed the ambitious feature comedy Swearnet: Shot on location in Sault Ste Marie and Halifax, Swearnet is the biggest, most twistedly ambitious film project for Warren to date. Picked up by eOne Films in Canada, it’s set for a major release in the fall of Warren was honoured to re-launch the iconic Canadian comedy show after its seven-year hiatus made the series a huge cult-classic on DVD and Netflix.

His first family drama, this inspirational story of a professional wrestler-turned-pastor is based off the real-life story of Dr. It’s set for a major theatrical release in the fall of

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The specific goal was to investigate the accuracy of CFC dating in such an environment, taking potential degradation and mixing of water into consideration. The CFC concentration was at the detection limit in most samples. The difference was probably caused by degradation of CFC

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Far too often, the process of cancelling a subscription is cumbersome and frustrating. The open period to cancel may be months or years after the consumer signed up, the method for cancelling is difficult to utilize, and the consumer may end up on lengthy phone calls with company representatives whose only purpose is to persuade the consumer to relent, and not to accede to the cancellation request. It makes clear that consumers must directly authorize any renewal of service with a charge, and that businesses must make cancelling it easy to do.

While current law says the terms of trial offers and automatic renewals must be conspicuously posted on websites or communicated directly to consumers, canceling the service can be difficult to do. Complaints cover a wide range of automatically renewing subscriptions, including cosmetics, weight loss products, magazines, anti-virus programs, credit monitoring, gym memberships, online dating services and cookware.

In recent years, consumer complaints regarding automatic service renewals have triggered numerous lawsuits, including class-action lawsuits filed against Hulu, Dropbox, Proactiv, and Spotify. SB was signed by Governor Brown.

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The increase in population could result in potential water quality impacts from the changing land use and urbanization. In addition, there has been an improved awareness of the interconnection of surface water and ground water along with water quality and water quantity issues. The result is increasingly complicated regulatory, political, and legal issues that not only involve municipal, county, and state agencies in Idaho but the equivalent involvement in Washington state.

In order to determine the current water quality and evaluate for the presence of any contaminants or use as a baseline for future water quality studies, DEQ completed a yearlong water quality investigation. The investigation included sampling numerous water wells completed in the RPA and along with the peripheral lakes.

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Cfc groundwater dating

More like Bae Dameron. Whimn Star Wars movies are canonically not very sexy, by nature of them being melodramatic space operas mostly produced for children. And also because, like, they’re concerned with other stuff, such as cool gadgets and stuffy droids and mind-blowing space battles.

Jan 30,  · A pair of Detroit natives have decided to combat neighborhood blight in a pretty sweet way — by transforming abandoned vacant lots in their city into honeybee farms.

Within the next month, Defense Department officials will send notification letters to veterans that they may be eligible for the refund, said Army Lt. Eligible veterans will have a year after they receive the notice to file a claim for the refund. These refunds, which are the result of a law passed in , apply to veterans who received this pay dating back to Jan. The law requires DoD to identify the veterans whose benefits were previously improperly taxed; and the notification letter will include information about the amount of disability severance payments that were improperly taxed, and instructions for filing an amended tax return to receive the refund.

Of the , veterans who received the disability severance payment, DoD has identified , who may qualify for refunds, Dulaney said. W-2s, s and more are on their way for this tax season.

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Based on a sediment vibro corer, a tool for the sampling of sub-seafloor groundwater aquifershas been developed and successfully deployed in a coastal area of the western Baltic. Thedevice was designed to obtain pure groundwater samples from coarse sediments to be used fortracer investigations and CFC age dating. Operated from a medium size research vessel, a well pipe tipped with a filter segment isvibrated into the sediment down to the aquifer.

Groundwater entering the filter is pumped tothe ship by a conventional submersible pump situated in the well’s filter tip.

This result corresponds to CFC-age dating which shows younger (more recently recharged) groundwaters as being more contaminated than older ones do. Our study implies that NO 3 − contamination in this area may become more severe in future with a lack of necessary controls and treatment for human-induced nitrogen sources.

Most of the atmosphere’s ozone sits between 6 and 30 miles 10 to 50 km above the surface. Now, many of the culprits have been exposed. CFC , an illegal chemical used to make foam insulation used in homes and buildings, has been banned globally for decades. But scientists spotted an uptick in the chemical’s abundance in the air since , meaning its overall decline has slowed. Researchers concluded in May that there must be a new source of these pollutants.

Exactly who was annually spewing some 14, thousand tons of a chemical that erodes the ozone layer — which keeps life on Earth from getting irradiated by the sun — wasn’t known. A landmark climate change ruling could go up in smoke after Justice Kennedy retires Independent investigators, like the Washington D. Using undercover sources to film and record at factories in China, the organization confirmed that 18 factories across the country admitted to using CFC The organization released their full report on July 8.

The depleted zone of the ozone layer, in September Image: The EIA’s report follows a June investigative story by the New York Times, which showed that Chinese factories were knowingly using the illegal chemical, in large part because it’s cheaper than the legal — and less environmentally impactful — alternative. They used it for years without their activity being observed by atmospheric scientists.

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