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The couple had first met 15 years earlier, but they only became romantically involved in Like Newton-John, this was Easterling’s second marriage. The couple married alone in a private Incan spiritual ceremony in Cuzco, Peru on 21 June followed nine days later by a legal ceremony on the Jupiter Island beachfront in Florida. There were no guests at either service since the couple preferred to marry simply and privately. Only Newton-John’s daughter, Chloe, was aware of the nuptials. The couple did not announce their marriage until a 4 July barbecue at Newton-John’s Malibu, California home, where guests were surprised with the news.

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WYCC 1 Comment Some of you may have been to Linton Locks fish ladder in the past, some of you may be aware about the developments taking place here at the moment and some of you may not have even heard of Linton Locks. At the moment Linton Locks is basically a concrete fish ladder where we can go and paddle, swim and generally have a good day out in the summer. There is an Archimedes screw at the side of the fish ladder to generate electricity. Over the last year year the site around the fish ladder has been undergoing major changes, a second much larger Archimedes screw has been installed and is up and running — but more importantly to canoeists is the building of a whitewater course at the side of the second screw.

Originally the course was due for completion last year but due to several factors work has dragged on and completion is hopefully looking around March Above is what the new course will look like, water will enter on the top left and will flow through the course and exit on the right hand side nest to the screw outlet.

The long awaited Scandal-How to Get Away With Murder crossover aired on Thursday night, along with of which was everything we hoped for along with more!There were catfights, amazing fashion, steamy sex scenes, a perfect Pope pep talk along which has a kickass Keating within the courtroom. The crossover began with Olivia Pope, months after departing the White House, teaching a course on How to.

Despite basically being stabbed on every inch of his body, Captain Jake Ballard was alive, if not quite well. So Charlie George Newbern brought a Russian doctor to tend to the captain. Olivia Kerry Washington — who, by the way, can speak pretty much every language known to man — had to help his old friend, an ex-KGB agent. She was a redheaded grandma who goes by Mary Peterson and bakes fresh cookies for kindly strangers. Olivia confronted the KGB vet — butcher by day, killer by day — who gave Mary the note.

After he failed in his mission to kill Jake, he tried to booty call Liv, but she rejected her former flame. Olivia, Huck and Quinn kidnap him from the hospital and bring him to where Jake was being treated. Unable to speak but faced with the man who knifed him, Jake was a helpless little hottie strapped in a straight jacket, unable to warn Liv.

We were wondering when the writers would address that tidbit! Cyrus Jeff Perry and Sally sparred over feminism and working mothers, perfectly encapsulating the very real debate over whether women can have it all. Everyone advised Mellie to distance herself from Fitz Tony Goldwyn , but she refused, and his late night call with Liv cue theme music gave them the perfect strategy: She found the Russian butcher in her trunk.

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Their scores on the PSAT were among the top 50, of the 1. She will go on to compete for the position of Finalist, based on academic record, and ultimately for one of 7, National Merit Scholarships that will be offered in the spring. The boys were great during the monsoon conditions! The boys team is continuing to sneak up and surprise teams! Congratulations to these student-athletes! The two were recently featured in the high school graduation supplement of the June 15 issue of the Pittsburgh Catholic, along with a list of the graduates.

Linden Court is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in the zip code. This apartment community was built in and has 2 stories with 21 units. Office Hours.

Share this article Share But the fraud was eventually discovered when a routine security update at the bank logged the fake accounts. Bosses asked Skermer to investigate, but he confessed and police were called in. Skermer paid some of the cash to Thai call girl Auchareeya Pruankaewmanee pictured He began working as a software engineer for Barclays in , identifying and eliminating ‘ghost’ accounts which had been created but not allocated to any customer.

However he then worked out how to alter such accounts, setting them up to transfer money into his own account. Investigators from the City of London police’s fraud unit discovered that he had paid at least ten different call girls with the bank’s cash. Skermer’s wife Tracy outside court left and Skermer right , who pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud She was based in London and he had a relationship with her for much of last year.

The former waitress apparently turned to escorting seven years ago after she split from her husband Ryan Osborne, 38, from Barnsley. Her former father-in-law, Alan Osborne, 59, said last night that she was a ‘lovely’ but ‘naive’ girl. Skermer told the escorts he was a wealthy businessman, and often transferred money from the bank directly into their accounts for payment. A source close to the investigation told the Daily Mail: Mrs Skermer had no idea what was going on, she is another victim of his scam.

Sentencing Skermer last week, Mukhtar Hussain, the recorder at Chester, said it was ‘clear’ that the fraud was ‘well thought out’.

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Olivia Munn So, it’s been awhile Sorry about that guys! Anyways here’s a blog that Olivia posted. Thought it was amazing and would share it with you guys. Still so many thanks to you all for making it that!! In the magazine world, things have to be written months in advance because of editing, printing, etc.

Awkward is an American teen sitcom series created by Lauren Iungerich currently on show’s central character is teenager Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards), who struggles with her identity, especially after an accident is misconstrued as a suicide second season began on June 28, , and finished on September 20, Season 3 premiered on April 16,

The Tonya Harding Story ABC, 9pm This two-hour special features rarely seen footage as well as an emotional interview with figure skater Tonya Harding, who opens up about her life now and her past, including her childhood, her allegedly tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband, and the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. What does Tonya Harding now say about the stunning Olympic scandal, Nancy Kerrigan, her ex-husband, her mother and her life today? Meanwhile, Bonnie Allison Janney tries to give up coffee.

Expecting UP TV, 9: Expecting first aired as a one-off special on Labor Day , and now it returns as a regular series. In each episode, pregnant couples turn the cameras on themselves to chronicle their unique pregnancy journeys.

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Everybody always says “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” This is our mission. What do you say when you text? Is texting a waste of time? The purpose of texting is to ensure that you are always on her radar. This article will give you three secrets of texting and how you can improve your text game immediately.

Analyzing blood pools and trace evidence is cool and all, but what makes many CSI: Miami viewers hot is the idea of teammates Calleigh and Eric getting a real clue and taking a chance at romance.

Prices, plans, and terms are effective on the date of publication and subject to change without notice. Buyer should rely on his or her own evaluation of useable area. Depictions of homes or other features are artist conceptions. Hardscape, landscape, and other items shown may be decorator suggestions that are not included in the purchase price and availability may vary. No view is promised. Views may also be altered by subsequent development, construction, and landscaping growth.

This website contains general information about a new home community ies in the states listed above and it is not an offer or the solicitation of an offer for the purchase of a new home. This information is not directed to residents of any other state that requires registration or permit issuance prior to the publication of such information. Plans to build out this neighborhood as proposed are subject to change without notice. Schools that your children are eligible to attend may change over time.

You should independently confirm which schools and districts serve the project and learn more information about the school district’s boundary change process prior to executing a purchase contract. Persons in photos do not reflect racial preference and housing is open to all without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

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Over the last few years Olivia has developed somewhat, with the purchase of some clothes, wig, shoes etc. No one knew except for one person – my dad’s ex-girlfriend, Jane. Fast forward to now. I’ve moved out from my mum’s house, stashed all of Olivia’s clothes in Jane’s attic and stepped away from dressing up so much. I stashed them back a the family home in an old dis-used suitcase in the attic.

Contacting Dish Network Customer Service Center. The Dish Network is an alternative television company that offers digital television and a variety of accessories to improve your viewing experience, including 3D cinema and TV outdoors.

Its memorability is a fact made all the more impressive considering that I was an Everclear-fueled booze demon that night. The only thing keeping me from descending into the deepest and darkest of blackouts were the random, sobering instances of pain I was in and out of during the course of the night. More on that in a bit, though. It should be illegal… well, MORE illegal. Plus I was a pledge, and pledges are dipshits. And Jesus Christ was I an year-old, pledge dipshit, especially at this party.

I was grabbing and pounding every drink I could, as fast as I could, as if I had the tolerance of an angry, obese fifth year senior. It was a fraternity party, obviously, and my pledge brothers and I were in the last days of our grace period before we all officially became the abused manservants of our alcoholic elders. The drink selection at the party was pretty standard: Drinking without any restraint whatsoever was still an incredibly novel concept to me.

I think my inner monologue for the first week of college was something like this: I was excited to get hammered, and on a mission to do so as quickly as possible.

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Over the course of its exhilarating seven-year run, we’ve seen everything from a rigged presidential election to politicians backstabbing each other for power to a secret black ops organization carrying out some of TV’s most brutal murders. And while the show took audiences on a rollercoaster ride of fast-moving storylines and jaw-dropping plot twists, you could always count on Olivia Pope Kerry Washington and the rest of the Gladiators to be there to fix those seemingly inconceivable messes.

As the show comes to an end on Thursday, we’re taking a look at some of those unforgettable moments. You know, the ones that sent your nerves into disarray and your fingers furiously tapping away on Twitter. Here are 11 of Scandal’s most memorable moments: The groundbreaking scene, which was backed by Aretha Franklin’s rendition of “Silent Night” and featured Olivia in stirrups, remains one of the show’s most talked about moments to date.

Summer October 16th This final week was an “up and down” week starting out with decent fishing on both the Main and the Cains rivers but by mid-week we finally got the long awaited rain that we were hoping for most of the summer, making for poor conditions for two out of .

R Yeah, I want to know more about Sherry Lansing too. I’m not sure why she keeps it so secret. Chastain kept a few things secret for a long time. She lied about her age when she got popular. She refused to talk about her childhood and parents and there were the rumors that she was the secret love child of Ron Howard. The lesbian rumors were there early on. I recall she lived with a female friend. I’ll say that she has always pinged to me.

This BI was about her: It is something she got from the rest of her family. Secrets were easy to keep on the family and no one talked to outsiders. No one except for a few people even know who the real father of our actress is. There are huge gaps missing in her life story and some of them are answered here. When our actress graduated from high school she had big dreams but ended up in a situation which saw her getting married to a high school sweetheart.

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From the official website, customers can access the support page. There is a list of contact information for the various divisions of Dish Network customer service. Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience. Phone Contact Numbers Customers have one phone number to call for customer support, but the phone number is listed as a sales number. Under the customer support page, there are no phone numbers listed. We tested the numbers with the following results.

The perfect place for “FUN DINING” not fine dining. Channing Tatum’s restaurant/bar, Saints & Sinners, is THE place to have a sinfully good time.

She convinces him to take Tamara as well, since they’re just going as friends, and Ming tags along as well. Matty decides that he won’t give up on Jenna and goes to her house, only to find that Jenna has already left for the Formal. Jake and Jenna have a good time at the Formal, and Jenna decides that maybe Jake is the one for her and they kiss, but then Matty shows up. Without either of them letting Jake know what has happened, they talk about whether they should be together.

Jenna takes Jake’s hand and realizes that that’s what she wants, and tells Matty that she’s very sorry, but she thinks it is too late. When Jake and Jenna get home, and they kiss again. She asks him if he wants to come inside since her parents aren’t home. He does, but she asks him if it’s okay if they wait, and he says of course. She tells him that holding hands means a lot to her, since he’s the first person other than her parents to hold her hand in public.

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