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A lot of it also had to do with how much money the person had iron was expensive stuff and the purpose the door served. Interior doors didn’t need armoring like main entrances because getting a battering ram into position was impossible. Or, it might simply have been for show because there was no real threat of attack, but you didn’t want to look “unprepared” when hosting a dinner party – vanity is not a modern invention. Two-ply doors did form a type of plywood, obviously, but that’s not necessarily indicative of their desire to “armor” up. The question, then, is which came first; was it the desire for a door that was more resistant to attack from people, or from the weather? Was it coincidental that folks noticed their plywood doors were stronger doors warped less as the seasons changed? The long strap hinges did help support the door’s many individual boards, but decorative hinges like your example shows are more a display of wealth and breeding. The excess metal wasn’t cheap, and the labor needed to make the decorative elements only adds to the cost when compared to a simple strap.

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Doorknob Background There are million existing doorways in the United States , with about two million new ones added every year. Doors equipped with suitable hardware are used to close off these openings and protect the interior of the building from the environment. Very early doors were merely hides or textiles.

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Members receive a quarterly printed magazine, a bi-monthly email newsletter. Check them out on its valuable information about reproductions and fakes. Comes with an original key because the bit is unique. I have only seen a hand full of these locks with the big loop hasp. Key only has Adlake on one side.

Also the hasp pops up when the key is turned. Also it pops up when the key is turned. Email any questions or can send more pictures upon request. Back side of the lock has PC RR marked on it. An added bonus to this newer style switch lock is made of brass. These are some what harder to find. Lock has Wabash on the back side. While the front by the drop dates the lock , they were in action till The key made by Adlake is stamped W RR.

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Painting door hardware, or not? What I keep wondering, what did they do with the door hinges and rim locks on new hoses in the ‘s? Where they painted the trim color? I know some came from the factory in black lacquer, My hinges are just standard cast iron butt hinges.

How to Age Brass Hardware. As brass hardware ages, its surface oxidizes, which leaves a layer of tarnish over the hardware. Brand new brass hardware, such as drawer pulls, door handles, or towel bars, stays shiny and bright for decades.

With local roots dating back to , the Calder family has worked diligently to maintain the high standards established years ago. Calder Door has a long history of sales, installation, distribution, service, and repair of commercial and residential garage doors and entrance doors. We sell and install products for your home including garage door, garage door openers, entrance doors, storm doors, patio doors, sliding glass doors, basement doors, and retractable awnings. Calder door also has a staff of service technicians that are trained and qualified to repair your garage door and garage door opener.

Our large inventory of replacement parts and 24 hour garage door repair service offers quick response and repair time to keep your door in working condition. Calder Door also sells, installs, distributes, and repairs commercial garage doors and garage door openers, commercial hollow metal doors and frames, commercial door hardware, toilet partitions, washroom accessories, rolling steel doors, rolling grills, fire rated doors, air curtains, strip doors, lockers, access panels, and several other products related to the door and specialties industry.

The Calder philosophy is the core of their success; “Quality products installed by proud craftsmen who demonstrate their professionalism every day. We encourage you to explore our website and contact us to answer further questions about your needs.

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Our photo at left shows a pre brick wall lining used as insulation and as a wind or draft block. Brick nogging can determine the probable age for the home. Houses built between and , or perhaps earlier may have brick-lined walls. I have found brick nogging in the walls of a Poughkeepsie NY home. Bricks lining the walls of a home is an indicator of when it was built.

Guide to Nails and Hardware as Indicators of Building Age A close observation of the type of fasteners used in a building is one of the most popular means of estimating its age.

For 28 years Whitechapel Ltd. has supplied woodworkers, interior designers, architects and fine home builders with the finest brass and iron hardware. Styles ranging from contemporary to antique reproduction, our pieces are all sourced from European and American manufacturers.

By Bob Flexner Pages A while back, my wife and I were visiting friends who wanted to show us their collection of antique furniture. At one point we went into their bedroom and I headed directly for a very old-looking chest-of-drawers. I just wanted to date the piece by how the drawer was made. Construction Drawer construction has changed several times in the last years.

Simply pull a drawer out a few inches, glance at the joinery on the side and feel the drawer bottom underneath — essentially a single motion. In addition, the wood used for the drawer sides and bottoms helps determine whether the furniture is American or European. How a drawer is constructed and the woods used is revealing, but there are two important caveats.

First, dating furniture is a fine art.

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You’ve got a timeless classic piece of American furniture that families treasure generation after generation. And if you need to restore your Hoosier Cabinet with reproduction antique parts that preserve the authentic look and functionality of your treasure, you’re in the right place. Kennedy Hardware is your Hoosier Cabinet restoration headquarters. In fact, our founder, Philip D.

Kennedy, literally wrote the definitive book on Hoosier Cabinets available right on this site, naturally.

We offer hardware for restoration including interior and exterior door sets with mortise lock or tube latch, levers or door knobs; house numbers, door knockers, mailboxes, cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, window hardware, drapery and cafe sets, shelves and shelf brackets, hooks and picture-hanging hardware, bath hardware, registers, switches and switch plates, and paint.

Trademarks The name “Bridgeport” was registered as a trademark with the first use given as Bridgeport used a number of unregistered brands for its products, including “Matchless”, “Hy-Bar”, and other names. References and Resources Photographs and observations of particular tools are based on items in the Alloy Artifacts collection. Biographical information on Willis F.

Clarke Publishing Company in The section on Willis F. Hobbs begins on page , and the article provides an interesting account of the founding and early operations of the company. The overall length is 7. The pliers earn their “universal” name by incorporating both flat and rounded gripping surfaces, a wire-cutting slot, a slip-joint adjustment, and a screwdriver tip on one handle.

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Ours was a little on the insane side, but it ended perfectly. It was hard without Memaw. Tears came easily and our family time was just really sweet.

Dec 12,  · Nice job cleaning up the old hardware. This is an old pic of a hand forged, half mortise rim lock that was on my front door. It really cleaned up nicely but the keeper is a .

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Get the latest news, updates and offers from This Old House to your inbox The Beauty of Glass Door Knobs How to use vintage knobs to give interior doors a classic look. Hughes of This Old House magazine Photo by Wyatt McSpadden Photo by Wyatt McSpadden There once was a time — 80 or so years ago — when multifaceted glass doorknobs with mirrored star-burst centers were standard issue in new homes. Today, they are mined like diamonds at salvage yards and flea markets. Unlike the flimsy “builder’s special” models now sold at he corner hardware store, glass knobs from the first half of the 20th century were made to last, mounted in steel or brass shanks, as opposed to the brittle metal alloy and plastic ones used now, says Brad Kittel, president of the Antique Doorknob Collectors of America.

About. Loewen crafts luxurious windows and doors that are the statement pieces of custom residential architecture. Elevate homes into distinctive havens with Loewen’s seamless blend of authentic materials and obsessive engineering.

How are antique doorbells installed? What is “antique” hardware? An antique, according to the federal government United States Customs is an item over years old. For the purposes of dating antique hardware we typically rely on the date of an antique hardware catalogue which shows the item or, in some instances, the age of the building it was removed from.

There are as many definitions of “vintage” as there are queries. Within this web site I consider an item as vintage if it is over 50 years old. Test with a magnet! A magnet will not stick to brass, bronze, copper, zinc, pewter, gold or silver.. It will stick to iron or steel. There are more metal types but those are the ones most used for antique and vintage hardware.

It’s usually very hard to tell the difference but, in general, brass will have a yellow color and bronze will have a more rose color.

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