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Palaivananathar Temple is an ancient Hindu temple depicting the rich architectural elements of yesteryears. The village is the confluence point of three rivers, Kaveri, Tirumalairajan and Kudamurutti. Legends Lord Rama worshipping Palaivananathar: Lord Sri Rama, who visited and performed Pooja at Shivalaya temples, also visited Thirupalaithurai – Palaivananathar temple and worshiped the deity Lord Shiva and hence the name of the main deity at Palaivananathar temple is called “Rama Lingam”. It was believed that worshipping the Lord Palaivananathar and the Vanni tree on the Tamil month of Puratasi relives one’s sin during this birth and the previous births. To test the severity of the penance the rishis who were seeking Mukthi, Lord Shiva and Parvathi took the form of Bhikshandar and Mohini. Angered at finding them, the rishis created a Tiger from the Yagna and let go the fierce animal on them. Vashista installs Shiva lingam: Pleased with his prayers, Shiva appeared before him and anointed him.

Garbharakshambigai temple

It is part of the Vijayanagar Fort area, with a history dating back to the Thanjavur Nayaks that reigned over the region between the 16th and 17th centuries. Built by Vijaya Raghava Nayak, the palace fell into the hands of rival Chokkanatha Nayak after he defeated the last Nayak king. Shortly afterwards, however, his ally and Maratha general Venkoji took the kingdom of Thanjavur for himself, beginning Maratha rule in the region. From to , the ruling Bhonsle family called this palace home.

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Mayawati 10th century sculpture of Buddha found in Thanjavur A headless sculpture of Buddha, dating back to 10th century AD, has been found at Manalur village in Thanjavur district. It was found based on information given by a school teacher. Feb 1, , A headless sculpture of Buddha, dating back to 10th century AD, has been found at Manalur village in Thanjavur district. Buddhist scholar B Jambulingam and heritage enthusiast Mani Maaran conducted a search in the region which led to the excavation of a three-foot sculpture of Buddha in a sugarcane field in Manalur, six km from Ayyampet.

The head and right hand of the sculpture were missing. The findings of Buddha sculptures in and around the area show the existence of a Buddhist temple here,” said Jambulingam, superintendent of Tamil University, Thanjavur. In Thanjavur, Buddha sculptures were found in various places and the prominent among them are those in Vayyacheri, Cholanmaligai, Kumbakonam, Madagaram, Manganallur, Pattiswaram, Perandakottai and Vikramam. A couple of decades ago, a friend told me about a Buddha head he found near a tank in Vayyacheri.

He even sent a photograph of it. But when I went to conduct a field study, I couldn’t find it there. As the distance between Vayyacheri and Ayyampet is only six km, I believe the head might be the one of the Buddha sculpture we found now in Manalur,” he said. Jambulingam’s search for Buddha idols began with an ordinary visit to a remote village in Thanjavur in the s. He has so far identified 67 Buddha idols in Thanjavur, Tiruchi and Pudukottai districts during his field study.

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Early Cholas Sangam Period c. References to them occur in many places in the form of poems and stories, but it is difficult to pinpoint them chronologically due to the lack of firm dates. It could be the case that the dating is out by several hundred years, especially as links with the early Cheras would seem to suggest first century AD dates for events surrounding their first few kings. Many royal chroniclers have a habit of tracing lineages to mythical characters which have no historical testimonials in order to establish a rich pedigree.

Chennai is a major commercial, cultural and educational center in India and one of the four metropolitan cities of India along with Mumbai, New Delhi and serves as the capital of Tamil.

Bamboo pipes are used to lead water into shallow pits Great Nicobar Island Traditional water harvesting — from Kashmir to Kanyakumari Throughout India, several ingenious ways have been devised to catch and store rainwater for future use. They are known as traditional water harvesting systems. It is the traditional water harvesting systems that have made life possible even in the Thar Desert.

The technology and engineering of the traditional water harvesting systems differed, depending on whether they were to provide drinking water or to be used for irrigation. Those meant for drinking water were generally smaller, sometimes covered and with steps leading down to the water. Irrigation systems on the other hand spread over large open areas and had a complicated network of pipes and channels for collecting and distributing water. Trans Himalayan Region Water from melting snow and ice is the only source of water here.

Even the Thar desert gets more rainfall. The melting snows and glaciers are the only source of water.


June 23rd, Author: Consequently the civilizations of the world naturally and simultaneously started developing near the rivers which initially started flowing due to the melting of glaciers near the Equator e. South India, Sri Lanka and Africa. When populations multiplied, these river waters became insufficient.

Thousands of temples with lofty towers dot the skyline of the southernmost state of Tamilnadu in India. These temples are torchbearers of the glorious heritage of the Tamil speaking region, and are repositories of the magnificient art forms that evolved over several centuries.

Temple Architecture Image Source: The distinct architectural style of temple construction in different parts was a result of geographical, climatic, ethnic, racial, historical and linguistic diversities. Ancient Indian temples are classified in three broad types. This classification is based on different architectural styles, employed in the construction of the temples. Three main style of temple architecture are the Nagara or the Northern style, the Dravida or the Southern style and the Vesara or Mixed style.

But at the same time, there are also some regional styles of Bengal, Kerala and the Himalayan areas. One important part of the ancient Indian temples was their decoration. It is reflected in the multitude details of figured sculpture as well as in the architectural elements.

Far East Kingdoms

Las Posadas Clothing Clothing for most Indians is also quite simple and typically untailored. Men especially in rural areas frequently wear little more than a broadcloth dhoti , worn as a loose skirtlike loincloth, or, in parts of the south and east, the tighter wraparound lungi. In both cases the body remains bare above the waist, except in cooler weather, when a shawl also may be worn, or in hot weather, when the head may be protected by a turban.

Hydroelectric Power Plants in India – Mizoram Kau-Tlabung Location: Mizoram Operator: Mizoram Power & Electricity Dept Configuration: 2 X MW Turgo.

Getting there Kumbakonam and Thanjavur: Kumbakonam is the town where I was born. It is the where my father was born and where my paternal grandfather was raised. It is densely soaked in family history and stories. Our Ancestral home Stories of my father frequenting the ghats of the Kaveri river during his childhood and taking a swim, or my uncles getting into teenage mischief or my grandfather catching my father and his friends red handed during some notorious childhood acts have been a staple conversation whenever we visit Kumbakonam.

Kumbakonam is now a commercial hub. The population has increased, the roads are busier, traffic in the rush hour comparable to cities, yet one things remains a constant — the temples. Kumbakonam is a temple town. Over temples call Kumbakonam and its precinct as their home. Arguably, Kumbakonam has higher density of temples that many cities have ATM density.

Kaveri, the mythology and memory Chanchal and I took an early morning walk in the streets around our ancestral home. Within minutes we were at the banks of the Kaveri river. Or perhaps what was once the Kaveri. The river bank retains its old charm, temples, small houses and dhobi ghats.


Hindu devotees visit the holy town throughout the year. Temples, holy sites and legends from Indian Epic Ramayana create the ambiance of spiritual bliss. The scared pilgrimage, Char Dham Yatra is not considered complete until visiting the divine Ramanathaswamy Temple of Rameshwaram. Marvel at the Pamban Bridge, linking the island to mainland. Once the capital of Pallavas, a ruling dynasty in South India and patrons of art, architecture and culture.

Experience the lavish heritage at the yearl old mansion of Kanchi Kudil Visit Vedantangal Bird Sanctuary, renowned for rare water birds Kanyakumari Vivekananda Rock Memorial , Kanyakumari The tip of India, Kanyakumari is known for beauty, history, heritage, religion and amazing experiences.

fl c BC: Karikala Chola: Son. Defeated the Cheras and Ceylon as well. Perumchottu is a contemporary of the great Chola, King Karikala, but the dating for him conflicts badly with the apparent early years AD dating for the Cheras (circa BC). This is a mismatch that at the moment cannot be satisfactorily resolved (although the possibility is that the Chola dating is inaccurate).

Sep 30, , India was known to be fabulously wealthy and industrious for centuries. Thousands of Europeans, fired by religious zeal or desire for knowledge or personal ambition, travelled to India. Many of them succeeded: Some even became powerful lords, generals and advisers. They learned Indian languages and observed and recorded local traditions.

Christian Friedrich Schwartz, a Lutheran missionary from Prussia, was perhaps the most fascinating of them all. During his 48 years in India, he founded numerous congregations and schools in present-day Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He was also a diplomat, adviser and mentor to kings. Christian Schwartz arrived when war was raging in India. The British, the French and numerous local powers were fighting for supremacy: The missionary was soon swept into this maelstrom.

Schwartz studied Tamil and Telugu, along with multiple European languages, before sailing to India in

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