Documentary on Australia’s elite SAS regiment goes beyond the stereotypes

The minute TV special covered topics from the UK’s relationship with the European Union, women’s rights and more personal topics around Trump’s relationship with his mother. In the interview, which was filmed at Davos in Switzerland during the World Economic Forum, Mr Trump apologised for the retweeting videos posted by Jayda Fransen, a member of the far-right group Britain First. It’s only the second time Trump has apologised for his actions since , that time was for comments made about women when recording an interview with US TV host Billy Bush in I think he saw the videos, which in his eyes appeared to depict ISIS doing despicable things, and he just went bam bam bam and retweeted them. He left the videos up there for a couple of weeks until those accounts got deleted. The President, who represents the Republican party, said he would apologise for the tweets. It’s a major step down for the leader who frequently makes controversial comments, much the despair of his critics. PA In the interview, the 45th President of the United States stated that had he been in control of negotiating the UK’s exit from the European Union he would have taken a different stance.

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Share this article Share He argued that, if he could bluff his way out, surely he could bluff his way back in with a guerrilla force that could cause serious damage to the enemy. For it to work, Buck needed to recruit not only German-speakers but men who could act and think instinctively like Germans in every situation, especially dangerous ones. Many were Jews; others were from overrun Czechoslovakia and France.

They were all fervently anti-Nazi. He collected together nearly 40 for his so-called Special Interrogation Group and, in an isolated desert camp in Egypt, began to train them to be indistinguishable from Afrika Korps soldiers.

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I trained with the SAS between and , at a time when the idea of women on the frontline was total fantasy. Women with the SAS? There was no benchmark — he simply wanted to see what we were capable of. And I almost died twice — nearly falling off a cliff, and being submerged underwater unable to get the heavy pack off my back. The day that my Colonel knew was coming. The day the Government lifted the ban on women in combat roles in the British Army.

Before I joined the Army, if I’d heard the news about lifting the ban on women on the frontline, I may have been one of those feminists punching the air with my fist saying:

New memorial stones to be placed at sites of murder of captured SAS troops

But today the hush-hush headquarters of the SAS is open for all the world to see at the click of a computer mouse. Military chiefs and MPs are furious after internet giant Google included pictures of the base on its Street View service. There needs to be a degree of restraint shown by people like Google. It would be appalling if any help at all was given to our enemies.

It is highly irresponsible for military bases, especially special forces, to be shown on the internet.

Phil Campion is a veteran of military operations in just about every conflict-prone corner of the world. He served with the Royal Hampshires, passed through Commando and Parachute Regiment selection, before being badged with 22 SAS.

Sunday 6 November The newspaper quoted a senior defence source as saying: A lot of them are from the UK. The hunt is now on for British Islamists who have effectively gone off-grid. The SAS have their own part of the plan and they will be going after British nationals. This is a kill or capture mission and it has already begun. The figures which have been in the press are just estimates. We know there are British people in Iraq, but we have no idea of their identities.

INTCK and INTNX: Two essential functions for computing intervals between dates in SAS

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The Government last night ordered troops of the Special Air Service, known as some of the toughest and most highly trained in the army, into Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland in an attempt to halt.

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The joint operation was targeting a senior insurgent commander codenamed “Rapier” by the Australians. The operation led to the killing of four suspected insurgents. Rapier, the target of the mission, was not killed or captured. An SAS corporal searched the bodies of two of the suspected insurgents and, after finding a Makarov pistol on one, proceeded to sever the right hands of the dead men with a surgical scalpel. Australian troops are required to collect fingerprints and eye scans of every Taliban fighter who is killed when it is possible to do so.

However, the mutilation of bodies is a violation of the laws of war.

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