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Whichever category you fall into, owning and holidaying in a caravan means you will need to deal with a leisure battery regularly, making a basic level of knowledge invaluable. Aside from enabling you to maintain your battery in a way which will prolong its life and keep your costs down, being able to recognise the signs of potential damage in a leisure battery is essential for the safety of anyone using your holiday accommodation. A leisure battery is the power source for the 12V appliances and equipment in a caravan or motorhome. These batteries are designed to provide a steady level of power over a prolonged period of time and are used by the lights, T. V, kettle, oven and similar appliances in some outfits. Basically, they are the part that makes your caravan into a comfortable, habitable accommodation, rather than just a vehicle. If you intend to buy a brand-new caravan, bear in mind that leisure batteries normally are not supplied with new builds, although you will usually get one included in a new motorhome. Is a leisure battery just a different name for a car battery?

Everything You Need To Know About Caravan Leisure Batteries

Fully sealed absorption system. Most of the variations from one refrigerator to another will be: Efficiency – how well the cabinet is insulated. Capacity – the cabinet size.

Completely refurbed this year Recently serviced; Really sad sale of my lorry who sadly is not getting the journeys she deserves. Ideal ladies box and was a brilliant first lorry for me.

Before you hit the road, make sure you understand how to safely hitch your trailer to your tow vehicle. Mistakes while hitching are not uncommon and can lead to some scary driving situations. Here is everything you need to know to properly hitch up your gooseneck or bumper pull horse trailer. If you are unsure, physically go to a commercial scale station and have it weighed.

You may find that your 2 horse trailer weighs 3, lbs. They are notorious for providing wrong information. You may find that that your vehicle is capable of towing 8, lbs. This value typically ranges from to 1, lbs. As long as you will not exceed the stated capacity when fully loaded, you are safe. Also, compare the overall weight of your trailer to the overall weight towing capacity of your vehicle. As long as you do not exceed the vehicle’s stated capacity, your load is safe.

Your vehicle can tow 8, lbs. Your tongue weight capacity is lbs.

How should i power my catering trailer?

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The New Design Paragan Horsebox with Easy Glide Adjusable Partition, Cushioned Floor, Colour CCTV, Fully Removable Breast Wall for Emergency, Extra Wide Rear Door, Hay Catcher, LED Interior Lights and External Lights, Horse Fans, Digital Horse Area Tempreture Sensor Readout in Cabin, Easy Lift Ramp, Aero Dynamic Body y at its Best.

Trailering Part IV: This is the fourth article in a series related to educating our readers on vehicles, hitches and trailer compatibility. What Can My Vehicle Tow? And Now The Hitch. One of the last pieces we need to cover is the electrical hook up. The reason we ended the statement that way is because beyond those listed items we find that most horse trailers vary.

For example, some have back up lights, auxiliary hot leads to operate interior lights separate from your car running lights, trickle chargers for brake away batteries,etc Most horse trailer come with a wiring diagram for purposes of installing the electrical connections.


How many minis spend their days: I want to do something with my miniature horse – besides feeding it! The sellers said the mini drove and I drove it on their property.

Volvo FL 18 Tonne Euro 4 Low mileage, approx. , miles Rear air suspension • 3 seats in cab • Tilt cab • Built for seller in , light use.

Tarland by Deeside Ace Hideaways Perfect for a digital detox, from the kitchen area to the loos this is a woodland haven. More Banff Links Caravan Park Beach views, children’s play park, water sports and the sea to play in – everything an active family could want. More Drummohr Holiday Park With Edinburgh so close, you have everything the city has to offer right on your doorstep. Its panoramic views of the Loch Ness provide the perfect place for Nessie spotting!

This campsite is the perfect place to experience Scotland in a motorhome, caravan or tent. More Scourie Campsite Caravans, tents and motorhomes are all welcome at this highland campsite. Magnificent panoramic sea views make relaxing simple, just sit back and enjoy the sounds of the sea. More Seton Sands Holiday Park Just thirty minutes from Edinburgh this fun filled campsite is in the perfect position for a city or countryside break. You can even choose to stay for the Edinburgh festival.

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Rule for harnessing a horse: Always put on the collar first. True whips refuse to drive a horse onto which the pad has been put on before the collar, as it is believed that an accident will happen, if it was tacked up in that way. The collar is put on upside down, because in that way its widest part is passed over the horse’s eyes. If the collar is slightly narrow it can be widened temporarily by stretching it with the knee and holding the other long side with the hands.

Then the hames are placed over the upside down collar and the hamestrap is buckled.

Horse harness

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Power 7 Way RV Connector Pictured below is the Pollock 7 way connector, which is the connector style in most common use on RV trailers and is becoming increasingly popular on horse and utility trailers. This connector is also manufactured by the Theodore Bargman Company and there are also some generics around. They are supposed to be interchangeable and the wiring color code is maintained among the various brands. As you can see in the illustration below the back side of the connector body is labeled at each terminal.

The labels are listed below with the function assigned to that pin. On the tow vehicle side with the exception of Ford and Dodge pickups and SUV’s with factory installed trailer wiring, wire color alone should not be relied on, always test and match the function to the appropriate terminal. On the trailer side RV’s for the most part are wired to match the connector colors. Any plug that has been changed or extended, along with horse and utility trailers should be tested when replacing for any reason to be sure the function matches the terminal.

It should be noted below that the center terminal is labeled as an auxiliary circuit, most commonly used for backup lights not a ground terminal as many try to make it. Also after the connector diagrams find more information on wire colors used by GM, Ford, and Dodge. Wiring Code 7 way Car End.


If anyone is still looking: The cost of the trailer hitch is pretty shocking, but there is an explanation: The cost is figured using BMW’s flat rate software, which always overestimates — that’s how they bill 48 hours in a 10 hour day!

Especially now, with our new all aluminum trailers. These trailers offer more comfort, convenience and space than any other in their class. Every step of the construction process is carefully checked to ensure the highest standard of quality and performance. Kingston trailers are built with uncompromising commitment to safety and quality. The all new aluminum mainframe is designed to withstand the roughest of road conditions.

Safety is paramount with Kingston and to insure the safety of your horses, our trailers feature a 2 ” x 2″ heavy wall of tubing running horizontally in the stall area four feet above the floor.

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