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APK file on your BlackBerry 10 phones. BlackBerry device no longer supports updates on WhatsApp and with the newest development, Blackberry 10 devices owners complained about the inability to send messages on WhatsApp. Generally, your mobile service provider is responsible for releasing device updates for your BlackBerry 10 phone. Unfortunately, some users of Blackberry phones got a message when they opened their WhatsApp earlier this morning. On the other side, BlackBerry device was uniquely designed.

BlackBerry’s famous hardware keyboard is finally becoming available on the company’s latest operating system called BlackBerry 10 in the coming days, and the company’s new phone is called the BlackBerry Q Meshing up BlackBerry’s brand new OS with the same core features and specs of the BlackBerry.

With the new BlackBerry Q10, the kings of keyboard phones have calmly strolled back in and reclaimed their crown. My typing was cured instantly. You can pretty much fly free from your desktop and become one of those office nomads who just hovers around with a notepad looking purposeful. Not just email but LinkedIn, Facebook updates, texts and tweets are instantly accessible Meanwhile, the new, iPhone-esque BB10 operating system whose unveiling saw Alicia Keys trotted out to reassure people that, hey, BlackBerry is down with the kids, daddio actually shines here.

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Blackberry boldly resurrects the physical keyboard on its super-fast Q10 in a brilliant return to form.

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This brought improvements to many features requested by users. On June 18, , BlackBerry announced an official relationship with Amazon. The operating system is expected to be end of life at the end of , [8] with many built-in software packages having their support ended such as Facebook , Dropbox , Evernote , LinkedIn , etc. Users can use gestures and keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the system.

For instance, a user can unlock the device or return to the home screen by swiping from the bottom to the top. Some gestures offer additional modes of interaction when they are used differently. For instance, the same gesture can be used to show unread notifications when the user swipes from the bottom edge to somewhat the middle and slightly to the right and also keep the finger on the touchscreen. Similarly, when the finger is moved from the bottom to the right in a curved motion, the user can enter BlackBerry Hub immediately.

Multitasking[ edit ] When a user returns to the home screen from within an application, the application is minimized into a so-called “Active Frame”. An Active Frame is a miniaturized window of the application which keeps running in the background. A user can return to such an application by tapping on the Active Frame or close it by tapping on the X icon.

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Blackberry Q10 features traditional keyword and has new blackberry 10 OS, which makes it is the best choice for users want to have traditional keyword with new features and technology.

The onus of taking the platform forward now rests on its younger sibling… the BlackBerry Q5. Another handset with the keyboard being its mainstay, the Q5 offers something neither of its two BB10 siblings can boast of: The hardware side of things To put it crudely, the Q5 is a cut-down version of the Q Available in black, white and glossy red, it brings with it a familiar form factor with a square screen and a physical keyboard below.

The bezel here is wider around the screen — so the swipe gestures are easier to work. The screen itself is exactly the same size and sports the same resolution as the Q10 — 3. Other specs appear to have been trimmed too, and while the amount of RAM is the same 2GB, the ticker here is a dual-core chip clocked at 1. A few connectivity options have also been given the axe, notable amongst which is the micro-HDMI port.

The keyboard is much flatter this time, and has well-spaced keys. As such, the device inherits most of the attributes of the Q10, including the messaging-centric approach and being unsuitable for heavy media consumption thanks to the aspect ratio of the screen. It has the same BB OS version

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BlackBerry was the subject of many of our previous cannot help but admiring the ambition the Canadian company displays in holding its ground in the smartphone market, wanting to.

Marc is young, keen, professional and passionate about what he does: Financial Planning and consulting. Armed with not one but two BlackBerry Q10s, Marc is constantly on the go, providing advice and travelling for work. I recently got together with Marc for a brief chat about his use of BlackBerry devices and I also provided him with a few useful tips. Here’s how his Q10s are helping him keep on track at work and home: Can you explain your job and what it entails? More specifically, developing financial plans that address the six fundamental components of financial planning e.

What device s do you currently own and why? For work I was given a BlackBerry Q After using the device and getting to know the BlackBerry 10 OS I decided that I like the device so much that I went out and got another Q10 for personal use. Have you used other platforms before BlackBerry 10? If so, why did you switch?

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Meryl D’souza Jun 21, In a way, the BlackBerry Q10 is like watching the remake of a classic movie — you get a strong sense of nostalgia right along with the anticipation of a twist in the tale. BlackBerry purists will easily relate to the familiar form factor — a square screen with that comforting set of keys, evoking a feeling of pure joy amongst touchscreen haters. BlackBerry is clearly in its element here, because the Q10 is a thoroughbred — right from its bomb-proof build to the familiar form.

I actually really love my z10 but I find myself reaching for my iPhone more because even with being able to put the android apps on the z10 I can’t find most of my favorite Gay dating apps.

The Inter ctive Pager was a clamshell -type device that allowed two-way paging. The very first device to carry the BlackBerry name was the BlackBerry , an email pager, released January 19, Although identical in appearance to the , the was the first device to integrate email and the name Inter ctive Pager was no longer used to brand the device.

The first BlackBerry device, the , was introduced in as a two-way pager in Munich, Germany. The name was chosen due to the resemblance of the keyboard’s buttons to that of the drupelets that compose the blackberry fruit. In , the more commonly known convergent smartphone BlackBerry was released, which supports push email, mobile telephone, text messaging, Internet faxing , Web browsing and other wireless information services.

The original BlackBerry device had a monochrome display while newer models installed color displays. All newer models have been optimized for ” thumbing “, the use of only the thumbs to type on a keyboard. The Storm 1 and Storm 2 include a SureType keypad for typing. Originally, system navigation was achieved with the use of a scroll wheel mounted on the right side of device models prior to the The trackwheel was replaced by the trackball with the introduction of the Pearl series, which allowed four-way scrolling.

The trackball was replaced by the optical trackpad with the introduction of the Curve series. Both models consist of touch screens: Following the announcement, BlackBerry announced an acceptance of the offer provisionally but it would continue to seek other offers until November 4,

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