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By Chuka Udeze In the world of relationships, it is intriguing when an individual tries new trends. Nonetheless, it is essential to find out about Nigerian men and how they handle relationships especially their behaviors and cultural background just to know how it could affect or influence your future love life. This is important because the foundation of most relationships are stronger when the lovers share a similar background or speak the same language. Men from this West African country offer the ladies a unique approach to dating and relationships because they incorporate their own cultures and traditions towards the union. They are well-known for treating their women well and respectably; they involve their women in all their major decisions and they will treat them like queens. Culture and Traditions Most Nigerians do not observe the past strict cultures that were regulating the nature of relationships.

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Today, we shall get you acquainted with the names of eminent Igbo men who have thrived to so high a degree and amassed great wealth for themselves. Feel pleasurable as we bring the list of top 10 richest Igbo Man Nigeria to your fingertips. So for those asking:

A Nigerian Lady on Facebook with the Facebook ID, Amara Chukwu Sarkodie has taken to our YabaLeftOnline Facebook Group to say she can in no way date Igbo guys especially Phyno. The Lady, who’s Igbo says Igbo guys are rude, and she can in no way date any Igbo guys.

They had lost direction. What could have led them to lose their way? Leading up to the war, the Igbos were seen as socially privileged and politically powerful the war was, in part, sparked by an Igbo-led coup. I also went online. Ilona sent out a flurry of emails introducing himself. He was passionate about this story. And he felt the Igbo traditions were in danger. It is a swath of land in the southeast of Nigeria, the size of Delaware, Connecticut and New Jersey combined, that is bound together by a language and ethnicity.

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March 24, at 8: Omena — I have no problem with Nigerian men seeking love online, and seeking it wherever they may find it. My main gripe is with men who seek love abroad only, when they themselves are based in Nigeria with no plans to relocate abroad apart from the relocation they may do due to their newfound love. What is wrong with the many lovely Nigerian women who are smart and hardworking?

Fulani and Igbo girls – Nigeria is a country blessed with diverse culture and Fulani people of Nigeria are an ethnic group that has a large number of nomads amongst them. The rearing of cattle is the main profession of most Fulanis in Nigeria.

Nigerian people love God and love praising Him. As I mentioned earlier, they pray even in normal conversations This is something that we, White Naija Girls have to learn otherwise the communication can break easily. I love the way how most Nigerians relate to God. They are thanking Him every good things all the time as God is good Before I met my Husband my Sunday mornings were sad and boring. I even thought sometimes that Sundays can not be happy because Sunday is the last day of the week in Hungarian calendar and people are not even going out, everything is quite and miserable.

When I met my Husband He introduced me to God and I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I found answers to so many of my questions and some of my problems disappeared. Today I would like to summaries what I’ve learnt tonight at the couple’s night at our church. Our Nigerian pastors help us having a happier marriage and less arguments in our relationship. Thank You for that!

Domestic Violence: Nigerian Igbo Men Beat Their Wives All the Time

Food Newsletter Igbo foods are easy and simple to make, here is my list of all known foods eaten by the people of Igbo and of course the ingredients used in making them. This tribe is one of the three major Nigerian tribes, you will learn so much here about all the special Igbo recipes, my favorites and of course a detailed guide on making them, I would try to include a video to cases that defy written explanation.

I listed the most popular and generally accepted Nigerian foods at the very top of our home page and here I just want to focus on what Igbo people men, women and children like to eat. In case you are dating or married to a Nigerian man or you are friends with people from Igbo, here are some of their favorite recipes Of course they would accept almost any deliciously made Nigerian foods but a surprise treat would indeed surprise them.

I would go along to list them and then drop a link to the individual pages where you can learn more about what to serve an Igbo man. I have written a page about all kinds of soups eaten in Nigeria but I am going to separate them right here, I want to start with different kind of Igbo soups then I will talk about other Igbo recipes at the bottom of the page.

No Nigerian man wants a woman who will grill him at the slightest opportunity. If a Nigerian man suspects you to be intolerant of his (sometimes) bad behaviour, he will drop you like a hot potato.

November 30, at Is she not a woman as well? She can leave if she wants to. Besides we have only heard one side of the story. We need to understand that the other two people in this dilemma are humans too with friends and family and can get hurt by our judgemental comments. I went to amazon and I was getting a message that its not available for my country.

ThatGreenTea November 30, at I got mine off Kobo books though. I had to pause though in the early chapters when she was narrating her childhood. It hit me hard. From that point to now, you have to understand that she really pulled more than her fair share. Chai, the babe was too lost. I hope she has found her way sha. Therefore, l will try and school you.

Nigerian man allegedly killed by his wife in Cameroon

Nigerian men treat their wives as second in command, they expect their women to be there for them, answer when they call and they always want to make the final decision… be the man For a woman… not knowing how to cook is a serious crime in Nigeria. If he fails to do so, he would be regarded as an irresponsible man in his own community; Nigerian men are expected to be independent by thirty at most.

A Nigerian man is very hard-working compared to his counterparts in Diaspore because 1. The average Nigerian man believes in a family and the men are expected to take up all the bills at home. Well, I guess that comes with life But the main question is — Why Nigerian guys in Diaspore go home to marry the accredited innocent and yet un-spoiled girl back in their country instead of the white chick they have been cuddling all year long??

Igbo men marry their own tribe and Nigerian women most times or if American they prefer Nigerian Igbo American women more so than yoruba men. I’m a Nigerian women dating a Igbo man and I am Yoruba with different Nigerian tribes in my family but majority Nigerian to Nigerian marriages home or abroad.

The best romantic Nigerian movies Nollywood has to offer are movies that anyone should not miss. This is a never-ending list of classic romantic Nigerian movies. Please tell us what you think of our list of the most romantic Nigerian movies anyone can see or watch online for free. Osaze is handsome, successful and from a good family, making him perfect Nigerian husband material. Just when you think she has finally found Mr Right, Isoken meets Kevin who she finds herself falling in love with and he just might be what she truly wants in a partner.

The only problem is, not only is he not an Edo man, he is Oyinbo. Falling The movie tells the story of a young couple Muna and Imoh who are the perfect lovebirds. But tragedy strikes as Imoh has an accident on his way to work went into a coma. His loving wife Muna battles financial challenges to pay his bills until the hospital threatens to take him off life support if she fails to pay.

She runs to her father Mr Mba and he gives her some money that bought Imoh one more month of life support. Months later, Muna and Yemi become really close and have sex which resulted in a pregnancy.

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Igbo man and Yoruba woman: Why does it happen? What is so special about Igbo men?

Aug 22,  · I am dating a nigerian man, we been dating for about, 6 months, he is very kind, and a very hard worker, i do have some issues with him but dont know how to bring my self to discuss them with him, he started to get deeply serious with me after few weeks we started dating, telling me i should give him my heart, which later on i did, after we had intimacy together the relationship took a turn.

Who are these people? How did they manage to earn their millions? And who is the richest Igbo man? Find all the answers and even more in our post below. Igbo people are known for their diligence and broad participation in business life in Nigeria. The Igbo businessmen have been playing significant roles in Nigerian industrial and business spheres for a long time. The most worthy Igbo people are pointed out in an arbitrary order.

In truth, the exact amount of money, that the richest Igbo men and ladies have, is known only by them. Prince Arthur Eze; photo:

I can never date or marry Phyno, Igbo men are rude — Nigerian Lady

Traditional Clothing of Cuban Women Nigeria is a populous country with hundreds of ethnicities, each with its own wedding customs. The largest groups are the Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and Ijaw, but there are many more distinct communities of people who make Nigeria their home. No matter what your ancestral identity might be, a Nigerian wedding is traditionally an extravaganza that honors both the loving couple and their proud families, where all and sundry can enjoy the festivities with lots of music, dancing and food.

Should your journeying take you to a wedding in Nigeria, you are lucky indeed.

This Igbo Dating site is an awesome online platform that connects people that share similarities and are open to dating, friendship, true love, romance and relationships. The majority of this Yoruba dating site, are engaged in romantic relationships.

The Fulani people of Nigeria are an ethnic group that has a large number of nomads amongst them. The rearing of cattle is the main profession of most Fulanis in Nigeria. The Igbo people, on the other hand, are a major ethnic group in Nigeria. They occupy the eastern parts of Nigeria. Choosing which ethnic group has the most beautiful girls often degenerates into a heated debate.

Fulani girls are usually tall and fair skinned; they are pretty ladies who need little or no makeup to enhance their facial features. That is a rather primitive thought; the Fulani people have upgraded from what we used to know them to be. There are educated people amongst them and their girls also participate in beauty contests. Igbo ladies are everywhere; we had to deflect a bit in order to put the Fulani people on the same level before the comparison starts.

We would be showing you some pictures of some Igbo and Fulani ladies; at the end, we expect that you would let us know which ethnic group has the most beautiful sets of girls.

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You have to keep in mind that an average Nigerian man loves decency. So they like it if their women are faithful and not a double dater. While few of them might cheat outside, they hate it when their women cheat.

In an internet article in , “Nigerian Men Are Killing Their Wives in America now, ” on a popular Nigerian blog, the Linda Ikeji blog, several Nigerians, almost exclusively Igbo were listed, with pictures, for murdering their wives in America.

Okay, this is sort of a rebuttal in regards to the article titled: I just believe readers should have the opportunity to see what we Nigerian women think as well. Remember, as una get somewhat valid opinions about what we are not doing, we also have ours. Although many people will still ignore this and get mad anyway; I do not mean to indulge in ignorance and generalities. As you would expect, there is a big difference between the typical Nigerian man and the typical African American man.

It may be a good or bad thing depending on the way you choose to look at it.

7 Reasons Why I’d NEVER date a Nigerian